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 LPMA is an elite group of specialist property managers and property management businesses across Australia who provide the highest level of service and professionalism to investment property owners and tenants.

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Membership of LPMA is only available to Firms across Australia who are prepared to commit to LPMA's strict Code of Practice.

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The LPMA HALO Platform

From February 2017, LPMA is moving its online member resource library to a new platform called "HALO".

HALO is not only a "mobile friendly" cloud based online resource platform. At its heart, it is a total marketplace for ideas, forming connections with your property management coleagues and getting things done.

HALO will also be a platform where members can collaborate on ideas, share experiences, post questions and take part in online forums.

LPMA member firms will also be able to set up their own "communities" within HALO to communicate and share information.

With HALO, LPMA will provide its members with the best property management resource and communication available anywhere in the World.

We are now in the process of moving a "pilot" group of LPMA member firms onto HALO and expect to roll out HALO to the entire membership over the next couple of months.



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MembersLPMA Members recieve acess to over 300 audio tracks and 150 videos from confrence recording and interviews with industry experts.  

For more information on membership, call 02 8507 2428

Category: Membership Services
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