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We're a network of property management agencies from across Australia. Our vision is to grow LPMA into the largest collaborative property management community, supported by the industry’s best resources and ideas. Your participation will make this shared network bigger and better.


Strategic & Growth Support

LPMA is focused on helping members understand their strategic choices and supporting them implement changes and ideas into their businesses to achieve their growth, financial, team building and cultural ambitions. Our ideas are set out in our book series and these are the foundation for how we support businesses.

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Dashboards & Goal Tracking

All LPMA members have access to Apmasphere's Insights Module, which brings a new level of value to your agency’s data. Members also have access to a free KPI monitoring service, where our Affiliates monitor your performance and gives you advice on what to do.

Systems Resources

LPMA offers a comprehensive set of resources to help agencies run to best practice, smoothly and efficiently. Our resources include procedures, letters, forms and checklists, all backed up with 1000s of hours of supporting content.

Awards and Recognition

LPMA recognises and celebrate the most outstanding agencies, leaders, property managers, business development managers and administrators in our industry.

LPMA Affiliate Program

Our team of Affiliates are experts in strategy and change management and can assist you to build the business that you want to have. Our Affiliates work with you on a consulting basis to identify the issues in your agency that may be holding you back, identify the right strategy for your business and develop an action plan that acts like a roadmap to set you up for success. 

The Affiliate Program draws on our broad set of strategic frameworks, including Connecting the Dots, Numbers Game and Building Blocks, supported by financial models, growth frameworks, team designs ideas and case studies. 

We have a number of consulting packages that we think are great value in a business, but we are happy to work with you to develop an engagement that works for you.


LPMA Academy


The Star, Gold Coast
10 & 11 May 2018

LPMA hosts one of the industry's largest and most recognised conferences. Our conference showcases the leading operators in our industry and inspires delegates to greater success.

LPMA Strategic Retreats

Our Strategic Retreat program brings together the leaders of some of the best property management business for an intimate two-day workshop. We explore the big issues that affect the success and value of a property management business. Our upcoming retreats are being held in the Blue Mountains, Hamilton Island and Bali.

LPMA 2017 Round Table

Sofitel Gold Coast
Friday 13 Oct 2017

The annual LPMA Round Table is a one day, member exclusive event that helps agency leaders explore the issues of the day and network with the members.


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